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METRO COM was founded in 1935 in Novara by Oscar Comazzi who, counting upon his technological knowledge and moved by his great enthusiasm, chose to engage himself in the field of material testing machines that until then, in Europe, had been under exclusive German rule.

The construction of the first Brinell hardness machines was immediately followed by the design and construction of machines for tensile tests on metals and machines for compression tests on cement and concrete specimens; the company than started carry out projects of great technologic impact in specific sectors and for different kind of tests according to Customers requirement, including strength and hardness measure in bioagricolture, with low and minimal loads, as well as special systems for tests on big structures in the armament industry (with operating remote control) and "island" systems for the execution of automatic tests without the operator's intervention.

During the years METRO COM has continuously looked for new synergies in different technologic sectors in order to realize machines that could guarantee both the reliability of mechanical parts and the advantages of electronics and informatics  always engaging itself in the aim of apply new realizations also to the machines already working at the Customers' laboratories.

Since the end of '80s, METRO COM integrated its production with fatigue machines and systems as well as a series of machines and equipments for the certification of specific parts or assembled products (equipments for tests on furniture, mattresses, pipes, taps, stretching fabrics directly on the production machines, machines to create compounded strains, etc..).

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