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Our services

Since our structure is characterized of being a manufacturer and not only distributors, METRO COM engineering s.p.a. is able to offer various additional services:

  • Free professional pre-sale advice, including real tests at our premises

  • Training courses for your personnel

  • Computerization of any type of testing machines, any brand

    An example:
    Upgrade of a pendulum machine METRO COM (year of production: 1966) with a Personal Computer driven control system and insertion of a servo valve and related control electronics plus upgrade on a Schenck Trebel electro mechanic (year of production: 1984) with all control electronic replacement.
    Machine property of the Aerospatial Engineering Department of the Rome University

  • Ordinary and special maintenance of testing machines, any brand

  • SIT Calibration of testing machines, any brand

  • Discount packages for maintenance and calibration of testing machines, any brand

  • Online customer support, live person online 6/7 for our SW packages

  • Free live demo at our show room in Garbagna Novarese

  • Excellent support also well over warranty conditions.

Contact us for further information, or ask us a free quotation online today.


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